Solution for iframe issue in iPad

iframe is behaved differently in iPad compared to other web browsers with different platform. It can be solved with the following set of code: <div style=”border:1px solid black;height:202px; width:402px;overflow:auto;”> <iframe style=”border:1px solid black;height:200px; width:400px;overflow:auto;” src=””/> </div> A demo of this solution can be viewed from the following link:

HTML form tag and new line

Sometimes the browser will display a new line in HTML page where the form tag is started. This can be fixed by using any of the following CSS/HTML code. In CSS file: form {display: inline; } In HTML (inline CSS) <form style=”display: inline;”></form>

Display year in jsp using jstl

As a programming standard, we don’t use java scriptlets in our JSP files. The best practice is to use JSTLs in JSP files to load the dynamic contents. Displaying current year in JSP is one of the common requirement, at least for copyright messages. Displaying current year in JSP can be achieved by using the Read More…