List of JavaDoc tags

Following are the list of JavaDoc tags available.

Tag Available from Use
@author 1.0 To mention author name of the class
@deprecated 1.0 To notify that a given API is no longer supported and shouldn’t be used anymore
@exception 1.0 To add Throws subheading to the generated documentation, wit classname & description
@param 1.0 Parameter with the specified parameter-name followed by the specified description to Parameters section
@return 1.0 Used in method level comments to describe value it returns
@see 1.0 Adds a “See Also” heading with a link or text entry that points to reference
@throws 1.0 Used to describe exceptions which a method throws from it
@since 1.1 Adds a “Since” heading to mention from which release this change is available
{@link} 1.2 Inserts an in-line link with the visible text label that points to the documentation for the specified package, class, or member name of a referenced class
@serial 1.2 Used in the doc comment for a default serializable field
@serialData 1.2 Documents the data written by the writeObject( ) or writeExternal( ) methods
@serialField 1.2 Documents an ObjectStreamField component
{@docRoot} 1.3 Relative path to generated document’s root directory from any generated page
{@inheritDoc} 1.4 Inherits a comment from the nearest inheritable class or implementable interface
{@linkplain} 1.4 Similar to {@link}, except label is displayed in plain text than code font
{@value} 1.4 Used to displays the value of constants
{@code} 1.5 To display code snippet inside comment block
{@literal} 1.5 It is used to denote literal text

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